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New Honda Civic Type R 2023 Spy Shots

Honda Civic Type R 2023 Spy Shots Exterior Design

Honda Civic Type R 2023: What We Know So Far

Honda Civic Type R 2023 – A waste of time is not in the Honda dictionary. They will soon launch two new generation versions of the Honda Civic for the 2023 model. Each version is a Honda Civic in the form of a sedan and hatchback. The news is not over. According to rumors circulating, the Japanese manufacturer is preparing a short version of the Civic, the Type R variant.

Just days before the mass-production version of the Civic hatchback. Recently, models considered candidates for the Civic Type R 2023 are being tested on the road while also circulating on the internet. Dressed in a mandatory uniform with paparazzi photos, a Civic Type R figure appears on him, all in disguise.

Honda Civic Type R 2023 Redesign
Honda Civic Type R 2023 Redesign

In fact, at the end of 2020, before the release of the mass-produced version of the Civic, there is also a figure that is considered a new generation of the Honda Civic Type R 2023. And this time, the figure shows his nose again. Compared to previous generations and standard versions, there are some display differences. This prototype has a sportier and more aggressive physical shape.

Honda Civic Type R 2023 Redesign

The Civic hatchback is still considered the base of the latest R model, often even the hatchback body. Like the standard version, the Civic Type R looks more “stable.” Similarly, the tail wing design is more straightforward and more uncomplicated, with mounting rods made as made in the aftermarket. It may be comparable to the branch of the GT4 or GT3 variants in the Porsche series.

It is interesting whether Honda will use the active spoiler component on the Civic Type R, as it did on the S660 facelift version. In addition to the body kit, the rim design looks slimmer and has a larger diameter. At the back, there is only one exhaust pipe in the middle and three in the front.

Exterior Design

Just like the standard version, the headlight and rear design didn’t seem to change, at least on this prototype. The headlights are slimmer and more straightforward than previous generations, while the taillights are partially covered by camouflage, hiding teardrop-shaped LED graphics. But it’s unlikely that the design will change much compared to the standard version.

2023 Honda Civic Type R Exterior
2023 Honda Civic Type R Exterior

But while it doesn’t look so different, there’s an extra air hole in the hood, which isn’t available in the standard civic version. If you look closely, you can also see that the curve of the drill is more comprehensive, allowing for more aggressive proportions and accommodating wider wheels. The highlight is a Brembo red caliper with a large disc brake.

Engine, Transmission, and Performance

It is almost certain that the Civic Type R has a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine behind its hood. However, recent problems indicate that improved engine performance will also be achieved by applying hybrid power systems. The gearbox will also only be available in the 6-speed manual version. However, don’t expect Honda also to embed an all-wheel-drive system.

Honda Civic Type R 2023 Release Date

Honda’s current prediction is to launch a new generation civic type R in 2022. Honda has stated that the Civic Type R will be the last performance-oriented model sold with an internal combustion engine.

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