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New Toyota Hilux 2024 Model

Toyota Hilux 2024 Exterior, Interior, and Price Release

Toyota Hilux 2024: Speculation and Overview

Toyota Hilux 2024 – The Toyota Hilux is a midsize truck with a cool look and a bit of off-road styling. It’s great for casual use, and the Hilux is also very durable. In addition, the Hilux looks smooth, efficient, and versatile. Hilux is no longer produced in North America, but there is still the Toyota Tacoma as its successor.

We were thinking what if this car was here again, and it was called the Toyota Hilux 2024? We hope this car brings high performance and is reliable. Now, we will speculate about the car. Due to the absence of data on edmunds.com, we use information regarding the 2022 Toyota Tacoma as a reference.

Toyota Hilux 2024 Rendering
Toyota Hilux 2024 Rendering

Exterior Design

Hilux has a simple appearance but gives an elegant impression that is quite deep. As a truck, the Hilux doesn’t look masculine, and we think it looks like an SUV with open cargo. It’s visible on the front of the car which looks smooth and elegant. However, that’s also what makes the Hilux unique compared to other trucks, and it might give off a pretty good impression.

Interior Design

The cabin is quite spacious and must feel comfortable, equipped with various features to support car operations. The availability of 5 passenger seats is enough to provide comfort because the back seat can be used as a resting place. Looking elegant may not hurt, because it will make it feel more comfortable. It also makes our statement about the open cargo SUV even more real.

Toyota Hilux 2024 Interior Design
Toyota Hilux 2024 Interior Design

Engine Spech and Performance

We wanted a 2024 Hilux with high performance, so it could be relied on for hauling or towing. High engine specifications, with horsepower and torque above 400 are something good. Even so, providing trim with low specifications is also quite good. For example, a 2.7 L engine with an inline 4 cylinder, with a horsepower of 159 hp @ 5,200 rpm, and a torque of 180 lb-ft @ 3,800 rpm.

Infotainment and Connectivity

The 2024 Hilux must have good infotainment and connectivity features, and it’s all for the sake of providing the best entertainment. The specifications and quality of these features must also be considered carefully. Some examples of features such as a 12-inch infotainment screen, USB with external media control, Satellite radio, AM/FM stereo, 6 total speakers, and a USB connection should be owned by Hilux.


The features possessed by the 2024 Hilux must be of qualified quality, especially for features related to the main use of trucks. In addition, the quality of the features must also be considered properly. The 2024 Hilux must at least have features such as Emergency braking assist, Tire pressure monitoring, Rear folding headrests, Engine immobilizer, Front seatback storage, Single zone front air conditioning, and Dual vanity mirrors.

Toyota Hilux 2024 Pricing and Release Date

It seems like the Toyota Hilux 2024 would be better if it was available in more trim levels. It’s kind of like the 2022 Tacoma, and so people can choose according to their budget. Therefore, we speculate that the price of the car is in the $28,000 – $50,000 range. Regarding the 2024 Hilux release date, it seems like it will be Q2 or Q3 of 2024.

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