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Jeep Patriot

New 2024 Jeep Patriot Exterior, Interior, and Specs

2024 Jeep Patriot: Speculation and Overview

2024 Jeep Patriot – Jeep produces many SUV types, one of which is the Patriot. This classic SUV style still looks elegant, with a few off-road characteristics. The performance of this car is quite low, and we think it’s not worth it for an SUV. Unfortunately, this car has not been produced since 2017.

We hope that in 2024 Jeep will return to produce this car with a new style, a more futuristic look, and an increased performance. We also hope that there will be a change in the engine, namely a hybrid engine. If you’re wondering, now we’re going to cover speculations and an overview of the 2024 Jeep Patriot.

2024 Jeep Patriot Redesign
2024 Jeep Patriot Redesign

Exterior Design

The 2017 Patriot looks more classic, and it even looks like an SUV produced in 2010. That’s why we hope in 2024, significant changes in terms of exterior must be made. It is hoped that the car will look more futuristic and elegant, especially the shape of the car must be made more modern. The front still has the typical Jeep look, and the sides and rear must look cool and modern.

2024 Jeep Patriot Exterior Models
2024 Jeep Patriot Exterior Models

Interior Design

As a car that is expected to arrive in 2024, the interior of the Patriot car must, of course, look modern and elegant and made of high-quality materials. Passenger seats should be very comfortable, with soft and smooth materials. The cockpit is designed modernly so that the control function looks more technological. Infotainment features are the latest version, with various support and connectivity functions that support entertainment.

Engine and Performance

The lowest trim of the Used 2017 Jeep Patriot is underperforming. That’s why, if the 2024 Jeep Patriot were produced, we would expect it to have a higher performance. At least the engine used is 3.0L or above, with 6 cylinders, capable of producing a horsepower of more than 180 hp @ 6,400 rpm and more than 170 lb-ft @ 5,000 rpm.

Infotainment and Connectivity

SUV cars like this will usually be widely used as family cars. We think having good infotainment features is necessary for 2024 Patriot. A 12-inch infotainment screen must be available and can be connected to Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Other features must be present, such as a USB port, Bluetooth, 6 total speakers, AM/FM stereo, radio, and others.


The 2024 Jeep Patriot has must-have features that can provide safety and comfort, so family trips and long trips become smoother. Some expected features include Front and rear head airbags, Stability control, a Post-collision safety system, Dual front side-mounted airbags, Traction control, Child seat anchors, Rear door child safety locks, Power steering, Cruise control, Front and rear cupholders, and others.

2024 Jeep Patriot Pricing and Release Date

Based on data from edmunds.com, the lowest trim price for a Used 2017 Jeep Patriot is $18.040. Based on our speculations, if this car were made in 2024, then a suitable price for the lowest trim would be $21,000 – $25,000. Meanwhile, for the release date, expect a release in the 2nd quarter or 3rd quarter of 2024.

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