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New 2023 Ford Kuga Facelift Design

2023 Ford Kuga Specs, Features, and Price

2023 Ford Kuga Facelift – It’s always fun to speculate about the future, and while no one can know for sure what’s in store at any given moment, it is interesting to think ahead about some of the new products on the horizon. One vehicle that has intrigued consumers for some time is the next-generation Ford Kuga. We expect The upcoming 2023 model promises to be one of the more popular models in this SUV category.

The Ford Kuga is a midsize SUV that has been around since 2012. Due to changes in the model and increased demand, rumors of a redesign and possibly even a replacement have surfaced. Though nothing has been confirmed yet, here are some things you need to know about the 2023 Ford Kuga.

2023 Ford Kuga Facelift
2023 Ford Kuga Facelift

What’s New 2023 Ford Kuga Facelift

The spied photos show new details about the car. The camouflage of headlight housing makes it hard to tell. With this level of development, the car will soon enter the final stage of designing, which will be no more modifications to its design. From before, we can see two different formats for taillights, one with the ‘broken’ rear window above Escape lettering and another black trim around the lettering. We believe that both designs might be released together.

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2023 Ford Kuga Facelift Design

A new generation of the Kuga SUV is on its way, and we will see it at some point next year, probably as a 2023 model. While we wait for official details and images about the new car, here’s a quick scoop: our camera guy managed to snap some photos of a brand new 2023 Ford Kuga mule testing on public roads around Barcelona, Spain this week. The latest test mule was equipped with new headlights and grille, so hopefully, we can expect them to.

The next-generation Ford Kuga is on its way, and thanks to these latest spy shots, we get a look at how it will change for the facelift. The 2021 model may not be that old yet, but by this time next year, an all-new generation of this crossover will be revealed. For now, keep reading to see the newest spy photos showing changes made to the headlights and grille.

This SUV will replace the aging Escape and compete with cars like the Nissan Juke and Toyota RAV4. Below we take a look at what’s known so far about the rumored redesign, including Kuga features, specifications, and style updates.

Exterior Design

Ford surprised everyone with its newest sport-utility vehicle. Combining best-in-class performance and a more agile chassis, there’s a lot to love about the Kuga. However, that makes it harder to figure out what changes will be coming in the new version.

We’ve speculated on some of the most anticipated features below, keeping in mind that nothing is official until further announcements from Ford Motor Company. We’ll be looking at the new Ford Kuga with the most recent rumors surrounding its exterior design and concept.

2023 Ford Kuga Exterior
2023 Ford Kuga Exterior

Interior Design

Although we don’t have images of the interior, the spy photographers we contacted told us that there was a cover on the dash, suggesting the possibility of updates. The Kuga/Escape is expected to receive its 13.2-inch touchscreen that debuted at the time of the Focus facelift, which comes with Ford’s latest SYNC4 infotainment system in conjunction with a new digital instrument cluster, as well as other ADAS equipment.


Automobile manufacturers are putting a great deal of effort into the following generation line of Ford Kuga. This should make Ford Kuga a hot item among future car buyers. Ford Kuga Concept

The new model of Ford Kuga will be based on the same platform as the Mondeo. This means it will have a sporty and dynamic design, especially in the grille area. The headlights will likely be more prominent than they were in the previous generation. This should allow for a smoother flowing style.

Many changes go into the new line of models. Still, two of the unique features of the Kuga model are its upgraded suspension system and fully-integrated voice assistant systems.

2023 Ford Kuga Facelift Release Date

We expected a facelifted version to arrive sometime in 2022. However, one tipster suggests that the next-generation Kuga will likely come sooner than that, at least in Europe. When launched, the 2023 Ford Kuga might not be significantly different from the previous generation car, but other technology should be added to set it apart from its predecessors.

The all-new 2023 Ford Kuga will cost below $30,000

US head of marketing for Ford let slip about an all-new luxury SUV launching in 2023, priced below $30,000. This new crossover will likely compete with the CR-V and Tucson as a significant competitor enters the market. However, due to development costs that could blow the budget, some people believe this number may rise.

Ford is expanding the Kuga lineup with a hybrid version of the crossover in the coming weeks. The new model comes with lower price tags, too, starting from $31.500. Several different versions of the car will be available for this premium, and by midyear, it should be sold across the country. Here are some facts you need to know about the 2023 Ford Kuga.

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