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New 2023 BMW X5 Review, Prices, and Pictures

2023 BMW X5 Redesign Exterior, Interior Redesign

2023 BMW X5: What We Know So Far

2023 BMW X5 Review – The car is one of the motorized vehicles that have various types and brands on the market. This one vehicle helps the activities and lives of people from different parts of the world. Some types of cars are also specially designed to support specific jobs.

One of the products that are pretty famous in releasing its car products is the BMW. His company was able to make several cards that worked with hydrogen fuel cell technology. Research for this type of car has been carried out for more than four decades to issue various new versions finally.

2023 BMW X5 Redesign
2023 BMW X5 Redesign

What’s New 2023 BMW X5

Based on the latest information, the German automaker plans to drop a hydrogen fuel cell-powered version with the BMW X5. The plan is that the car will be released in 2023. In 2023 BMW X5 is rumoured to be unveiled with a 2022 design.

2023 BMW X5 Hydrogen Fuel Cell

The car is often dubbed the I Hydrogen NEXT, where production will begin in 2022 to be exact in May. Toyota will provide fuel cells for the production version of the X5 with an attractive appearance and performance. In early April 2021, BMW indicated that it would start producing the X5 in a small series.

Then there will be a broader model in the second half of the decade, demonstrated through unique prototypes. Hydrogen fuel cell systems are still considered the most viable alternative to a fully electric drivetrain. In its first offering in 2023, the BMW X5 will use faster refuelling.

2023 BMW X5 Hydrogen
2023 BMW X5 Hydrogen

It even charges from 3 to 4 minutes and has a more extended range. This applies without changing the other automatic systems in this car. As is well known, Germany wants to take the lead in the fuel cell sector after having a 7 billion euro plan to support the domestic hydrogen industry.

The hydrogen fuel cell on the X5 will essentially be an EV with two 700 bar hydrogen tanks. The tank will be arranged roughly in place of the transmission tunnel and under the rear seats. This arrangement will be safer and will not interfere with the system in it.

2023 BMW X5 Powertrain

The powertrain in this car will mix hydrogen from the tank with oxygen to produce electricity. Later this will drive the 170-hp SUV’s EV driver train. In 2023 BMW X5 will come with a small battery on top of the electric motor used as the main component of this powertrain.

In I Hydrogen NEXT, the fuel cell will be developed in conjunction with a Toyota partnership, reducing the total output to 369 HP or 374 PS. The charging time of this car can be faster than existing EV offerings, where charging takes 3 or 4 minutes.

Unfortunately, there is a drawback that hydrogen fuel stations are not available as gas stations or EV stations. Hydrogen cars are pretty limited and currently only available in a small part around Southern California. In the European region, the hydrogen infrastructure is growing a little faster, offering a slightly more receptive market.

BMW is planning to make a case study so that the purchase of hydrogen cars through EV can be made so that the presence of this new car can be readily accepted. In 2023 BMW X5 will be present as the latest innovation, from hydrogen to vehicles as fuel.

2023 BMW X5 Release Date

So far, the information that has been obtained for the BMW X5 will only start production in 2022 for the 2023 model. This means that it will only be 2023 that this type of car will be officially launched and it is not yet known when the exact launch date is. However, it feels pretty far for this launch, considering the use of hydrogen is still minimal.

To get the information, you need to continue to monitor updates from the official Toyota website to find out more official specifications and release times. This will be good news for those of you who like the latest cars with exciting innovations. But in 2023, you can see the BMW X5 in its physical form directly.

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