2022 Ram Dakota Redesign

2022 Ram Dakota Redesign

2022 Ram Dakota Redesign – New 2022 Ram Dakota is coming soon, though the hard facts are still scarce about the upcoming Dakota, according to the news that we get the new version of Dakota is almost ready and will climb on a body-on-frame architecture. This pickup truck will arrive under the Ram badge and will be based on the famous Ram 1500. However, Dakota can still be sold as a Dodge instead of Ram Now.

2022 Ram Dakota Redesign
2022 Ram Dakota Redesign

The Ram Dakota 2022 uses the same platform to support 1500 Ram, and both models were built in the same Ohio factory. Ram will provide a popular V6 engine for new pickups, and we can also expect the diesel version as well. In addition, manufacturers will strive to present two transmission options, a new four-wheel-drive system, and more.

2022 Ram Dakota Redesign

This is an interesting part because no one really knows how the Ram 2022 Dakota looks. There are several photo rendering available and we can see a lot in common with Ram 1500. Some reports predict the blend between the old look and new modern features. Some others say we can see something completely different. No matter what happens, we believe the manufacturer will deliver a fun pickup truck. New Dakota will arrive with the new design language Ram.

2022 Ram Dakota New Design

Most cues will be shared with Ram 1500. For that reason, we’re not sure how a unique final version will look so soon. However, the basics of Dakota show a similar dimension to 1500 Ram, and the 18-inch wheel should be offered as standard. Dakota will definitely compete in a medium-size segment, perhaps the most competitive segment in the world of pickup trucks.

2022 Ram Dakota Redesign Interior Design

New Dakota will deliver very upscale cabins, the upcoming pickup truck 2022 Dakota Ram will not look so traditional as its predecessor. Instead, Ram will present a very luxurious interior with lots of cues and modern features. The cabin will borrow many features from Ram 1500. After all, Ram 1500 is a very practical pickup, and its main weapon is luxury and modernity.

2022 Ram Dakota Redesign Interior

You can expect many styles for your regular pickup truck, and Ram should offer at least four trim levels. The basic Model will offer pretty much basic stuff, while the top trim will be very fancy. However, we don’t have any exact info about cabin styles, views, or driver help features.

2022 Ram Dakota Redesign Features

We are not sure that the infotainment system will be shared with Dakota. We are confident that mid-size pickups will at least be available with an 8.4-inch touch screen. The excellent Uconnect system of this company is currently offered on a myriad of other models and comes with the desired content including Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Wi-Fi hotspots. The basic models will likely have more basic settings, but it should still have the features mentioned above.

2022 Ram Dakota Redesign Engine

The only specific engine, for now, is a reliable V6 3.6 liter. The new Dakota 2022 Ram will ride on this machine which powers most of the Jeep vehicles, including the Wrangler. It can produce 285 horsepower and will arrive with 8-speed automatic transmission.

In addition, we can see the smaller turbo-four 2.0 liters engine as well. According to many reports, this powertrain will generate 295 hp. The same 8-speed automatic gearbox is also available with this machine. However, Ram will provide a 6-speed manual transmission as an option too. The basic trim level will offer a four-wheel-drive system as a piece of optional equipment.

2022 Ram Dakota Redesign Price Release

Price close to 2022 Dakota Ram will cost more than $30,100 and below $40,100. The plan is to create a pickup truck that will be competitive as Ram 1500. 2022 Dakota will arrive as a medium-size pickup truck, most likely in the second half of 2021.

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2022 Ram Dakota Redesign

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